Hey there. Welcome to my virtual living room. Pull up a pixel.

(Short version): I’m a 23 year old American grad student bent on moving to Korea in July of 2013.

The blog will be about the many magnificent adventures I hope to have as English teacher therein, but in the meantime it’s a bit of a drop box for any and all Korea/pre-trip related shenanigans.

(The TL; DR part)– Reasons to write:

The first is just for me. I have one of the most atrocious memories known to… Well, it’s not bad enough that I ever forget to breathe, but I did forgot how old I was the other day. For real. If this allows me to jar up a few memories, it will be worth it.

The second. For my family and the friends who might be curious and/or paranoid about my imminent death.

Third. To give back to the Korean ESL teacher community. My decision to go to Korea has a great deal to do with a blog I read last winter. Since then I have read at least eight blogs cover to cover, and dabbled in so many others. They’ve been so entertaining, informative, and ultimately irreplaceable in this bizarre decision to set up shop on the other side of the world. I don’t plan on “promoting” this blog anywhere, but if anyone stumbles on it the way I stumbled on others, I hope it will be helpful.

And finally… Mental health. Mine, because I can only go so long without beginning a sentence: “Well in Korea…” and my roommates’, because they can only go so long hearing sentences beginning: “Well in Korea…”

I’m not leaving for a while yet, but there’s a whole lot of “Korea” going on between now and then, so I figured I might as well begin near the beginning.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Thanks for following our blog! We’ve been in Korea for about 8 months now, so feel free to ask if you have any questions about placements, navigating the country, etc. We’re in Busan, and, if you don’t have your heart set on a city yet, I’d urge you to seriously give it a look. Good luck beginning the job hunt/visa application roller coaster!

  • Hyun Hong says:

    Hi, my name is Hyun Hong but everybody call me as a Shawn. I have been in the U.S for almost 5 years and now staying in Pittsburgh. It glad to hear that you will go to Korea this July ~. I am also planning to go to Korea during this summer break. As you can guess, I am sill struggling with my English even though I am living with American. If you stay near Pittsburgh, it will be great time for our to exchange our culture and language. If possible, we can also meet in Seoul haha. By the way, I followed you from My Korean Husband.

    • Hi Hyun! Thanks for contacting me. I would definitely love to do language/culture exchange when we get to Korea. It’s funny that you’re in Pittsburgh– I did my undergraduate very near there. But unfortunately, now I’m in Dallas. I’m not quite sure where I will be when I get to Korea, but I will let you know– and, if it’s close enough– we can help each other out. :)

      ps. The My Korean Husband comics are hilarious. Do you read the blog her husband writes from his perspective? http://blog.naver.com/wombatwisdom

  • Thanks for the follow, and I wish you all the luck on your future trip!

  • Lily La says:

    Lovely blog, looking forward to following your journey! All the best, Lily

  • Great reasons for a blog. Your adventure should be really interesting!

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