Updates part 2, (A Series of Much More Fortunate Events Told in an Extremely Untimely Manner).

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey there,

We are going to step right over the fact that it’s been two months since my last post.


In any case, I’m here! I made it.

I left off mentioning how I decided to check and see if there was any way I could get into Korea sooner. It turned out that there was a training session during the last week of August– Perfect! I told my recruiter I was interested, and I received a job offer right away. Everything started to move very quickly. Forms were reapplied for and sent, the great shopping list was created, and I started an elaborate money-juggling ploy, which, thanks to thearrivalstore.com’s flight package, has worked out swimmingly.

One of the biggest perks was that the offer I received came from Bucheon. So many of you are familiar with Eat Your Kimchi already, so you know how cool that is. (If you’re not- they are a Canadian couple who lived in and blogged from Bucheon for several years before they just recently moved to Seoul). I watched their TL;DR’s (and then everything else) religiously when I first thought of coming, and I couldn’t believe I’d be in their old stomping grounds. I sent them a heads up, and they responded:


This is also wonderfully convenient for me, because, while I haven’t really buckled down and walked around Bucheon talking to a camera, (it looks a lot more awkward when you’re alone), they have! I can show you where I live despite my apparent laziness. So, here, allow me to show you around… sort of. Check this out:

2:09 is the Hyundai Dept store. This is about 3 minutes from my apartment.

2:51 UPlex right next to the same Hyundai Dept store.

4:00, yep. Same woman works there! I haven’t eaten there yet, though!

4:45. Yep!

5:30 The green tunnel is on my way home from that side of town.

5:50 that’s where I get my groceries! And… everything else… ever. It’s immense in there.

6:14 I can’t find this! I will find it. Someday.

The rest of the video is in a different area, not as close to mine. I still have a lot of exploring to do. Perhaps I’ll even be better at this updating thing in the future! I hope. Maybe. In any case, happy 추석! If you live around here and want to hang out, let me know. I’m always up for shenanigans.

I’ll leave you with some inspirational Engrish:


Just remember, Even it loved horse can stop, love can not stop.


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