Updates part 1 – A series of unfortunate events

July 19, 2013 § 4 Comments

I am.. not in Korea!

Here is why. March and April were disastrous. My family had been somewhat on the edge about the move to Korea since the beginning, but America’s irresponsible, money-driven, fear-mongering “journalists” had them questioning why I was going to my inevitable martyrdom just to teach English somewhere. My Father, out of concern for my safety, withdrew the loan he would have given me for startup costs, (flights, cost of living before first paycheck, etc)… (I was, of course, graduating broke). The unexpected cancellation of Korea in July combined with several overdue graduate projects and an English major’s existential crisis about what I had dedicated my life to over the past 6 years, (laugh if you must; I think too much), left me a bit … hm–


I would have had a much more difficult time getting through if it had not been for my friend Ashley, who is probably the most inordinately generous soul I have ever met. (I am shouting out to you in my blog. *waves*).

But life just demanded a bit of recalculation. I finished up my master’s degree (woohoo!), moved back to New Hampshire, and started creating Korea plan 1.2. If I worked the old cake decorating job, I could put funds together for myself and reapply for the next hiring round in October and November.The political reporting would hopefully calm down a bit over the next months and put my parents at ease. They would never directly forbid me to go, but I didn’t want to put them through the amount of stress they would have gone through if I had left earlier.

On the first day back on the job, however, I realized that Korea plan 1.2 was no good. I had to get out of there. A 23 year old masters grad just can’t go back to a high school job without enormous doses of early-morning life-guilt. I spent that night crunching numbers, (an activity a literature major only does in very serious situations), and I sent an email to my recruiter asking about positions in August. It’s difficult to decorate cakes with your fingers crossed, but I managed to do it for a few days before I heard back– But

My plane is here, and I should break this update into two pieces rather than leave you with a book. The next part will come in a timely manner, I promise!


§ 4 Responses to Updates part 1 – A series of unfortunate events

  • Stephanie says:

    Oh no! Wow, sounds like stuff got a little crazy. I’m interested to hear the conclusion of your ‘series of unfortunate events’.

  • Sara says:

    What’s the update? Are you coming to Korea? If it helps I would absolutely reach out as a total stranger and email your parents about how totally, completely, absolutely 100% safe Korea is right now. Seriously, South Koreans are not at all worried about North Korea. Also, just so you know- you typically don’t have to pay for flights to Korea. Startup costs are really quite minimal. And many schools will give you a small advance on your first paycheck if you need it. As it’s already the end of August, you may already be over here, but thought I’d throw all that out there!

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